When Folk Art goes Good

Most of my encounters with Folk Art have been less than impressive...  The work is usually created by a subpar artist in a small uncompetitive community, who's praised and featured all over town where you're forced upon it.  I see it too often when stopping at cafes on the road.

Well, the little town of Sebastopol is quite the opposite, which is fortunate to have Patrick Amiot as a resident.  He creates amazing sculptures from junk and recycled metal parts from just about anything, which then get a detailed paint job by his wife.   

The whole street he lives on is a drive-by gallery of his work.  I hope his other neighbors love the attention, since lots of people stop and do the same as I did.

Patrick's house.

His pumpkins are still fresh from Halloween.  I bet the trick-or-treating was intense here. 

This bad boy doesn't need a helmet since he's already dead. 

Yeah dawg, you rip! 

I don't even know???

This one is awesome.  The cow makes me laugh. 

These neighbors had way different childhood heroes.  

Babe Ruth maybe? 

Duhnuh nunuh nunuh nunuh nunnuha, Batman! 

Yep, there's something on your head, buddy. 

The busy waitress was pretty cool, it had a lot going on with it. 

Check out the detail, the forks in the glasses, the gear cog eye, the sprinkler nose...

Good junk. 

Come here my pretty...

This is on Florence st.

He creates sculptures for a lot of local businesses as well, and also makes an annual calendar that supports funding to the school district. 

Little Shop of Horrors! 

Busy Beaver at the hardware store. 

The alarm clock eye is a great touch. 

Thanks to this guy I have a new outlook on Folk Art, and hope to see more on my tour.