Living VANcariously is an adventure; a solo mission exploring the bizarre and beautiful locations across the U.S. via camper van, sharing my experiences through photography and stories.

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Once upon a time I was a professional snowboarder, which was a dream come true and gave me the taste for adventure and travel. Snowboarding took me all over the world, from Lake Tahoe to Japan, Argentina, France, Australia, Slovakia and back again to sunny California where I live now. In my globetrotting I was able to see many different cultures and experience new things like forbidden forests and life-threatening cuisine. Most of my trips were centered around snow, which to me has a serene and also menacing beautify all its own, but always left me wondering what warmer areas of the world had to offer. I wouldn’t change the path I took because it led me to my next passion—Photography. Being a Professional Snowboarder I was the subject of countless photoshoots; I then made a transition to the other side of the lens and developed a career as a photographer. I decided to combine my passion for traveling and journalism with the itch to explore my own country and all of its nooks and crannies. I ventured the Deep South to the Great Plains, the hot deserts of the Southwest to the bustling cities of the East Coast, enjoying as much as I could of the good old USA. This project took me over 25,000 miles in 215 days, and was one of the wildest times of my life. My name is Robbie Sell, and this is my story…

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All aboard!




All photos on this site taken by Robbie Sell