I was born and raised in Northern California, went to high school in the Lake Tahoe area, as a pro snowboarder explored the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and somehow I finally just visited the Yosemite Valley.  All along it was right next door to me, and being naive I just figured it wouldn't be that impressive, so I never bothered with it.

Living in SoCal for the last 5 years, my weekend fun has been limited to trips to the beach, local bike rides, or events in LA.  Now that my calendar is irrelevant and being that I'm in the right area, it was time to check out Yosemite, because "YOLO"!  haha, just kidding, I don't say that word.  ...often. 

I made a post on Facebook asking if anybody wanted to go and share the fun with me.  My friend, Justin Sullivan, from Reno/LA happened to be in the Bay Area and was interested.  He's an amazing photographer and recently was on an inspiring trip overseas, so he was the perfect wingman for this adventure.  

Justin noticed this rock group, and didn't hesitate to pull over so we could shoot a couple pics.  That turned into 30 min of exploration. 

Hang with a photographer, and you'll eventually become the subject of a picture.  We took turns in this beam of light.  

BROS, don't fuck up OUR nature.  Save it for your shitty alley.  

A-frames rule.

That ol' JMT.  

These backlit leaves were screaming to be photographed, so I concurred. 

I bottled up some of this fountain of youth.  

We found a natural water-slide!  Even though it was freezing cold, YOLO!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  

The famous snowboard jump on Donner Summit named Half Dome, is waaaayyyyyy smaller than the real thing. 

Mr Sullivan, deep in thought.  

Here I am, with the only thought of- "DON'T LOOK DOWN!"  This was the scariest position I've ever been in.  (self-portrait) 

There were a few crazy night climbers on the 3000' face of El Capitan.  More insane is our Universe; just looking at the Milky Way galaxy can put things into perspective and check really your ego.  

This trip was well overdue.  Not only was the sheer size of this valley a very humbling experience, but through some deep conversations with my friend I was reminded of some important values in my life.  I'm going to be letting go of some bullshit, and taking responsibility of my future.  Cuz, YOLO!   (wink)