Mother Knows Best

Before setting off on the big cross-country adventure, I've been lucky to spend some time with my mother while in California's Bay Area.  Due of distance and busy careers I haven't seen her a lot in years past, so we've had some catching up to do.  It was just her birthday, so we went on a couple adventures to celebrate.

First she wanted to go skateboarding.  You can obviously tell who I got my radical style from. 

She took me to Dillon's Beach, where these crazy rocks formations are.  Doesn't this one looks like the Elephant Man a little? 

She braved climbing this rock for a portrait.  

She's one tough gal.  She raised me as a single mom with very little money, recently beat cancer, and even more impressive- is adapting to life with the world wide web.  She moderates a Facebook page for you San Francisco baseball fans: the SF Giants "Ball Busters".

The famous Jack London Wolf House.  He didn't even get to live in his mansion before it burned down.  Too bad, just the ruins of this place are super impressive. 

The foundation of Sutro Baths.  This spot was The Place To Be in the early 1900's.

From the Twin Peaks towers, you get the best view of downtown SF.  I climbed through the bushes to get a perfectly perpendicular shot of Market st. 

She doesn't like seeing me on the edge of big cliffs or doing dangerous stunts, so I shot this as a self-portrait via remote in my hand. took me 25 tries, but mom always told me to never give up! 

My mother has always been supporting of my unconventional lifestyle, wether it been me leaving college early to pursue the dream of becoming a pro snowboarder, or venturing into this project before I get back to a more normal career.  ...IF, I do.