King Litto

Once upon a time, Pope Valley was ruled by Litto, the Hubcap King.  The roads of Napa Valley were free of vehicle's shiny refuse, and lined the ranch fences of his castle.

The Hubcap Ranch has been farming for over 50 years, with up to 10,000 in stock. 

All hail Litto! 

This place is a registered historical landmark, being a folk art monument. 

Litto unfortunately passed away in 1985, but the ranch is ran by his family and keeps the look alive. The gate was closed on my visit, so I wasn't able to go inside, but the roadside scene was still amazing. 

Nothing has been left uncovered by a hubcap.

The tire in the middle looks like a smiley face. 

Thousands of feet of fencing is covered. 

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