Don't Doubt this Route

After 6 months of work, the route is complete!

I have a serious medical condition that my friend Sean calls "FOMO".  It's the Fear Of Missing Out on something awesome.  When dreaming about all the destinations of this tour I was worried that I might drive right past and miss something, then later be upset I didn't see and take photos of it.  Well, I've done my due diligence by putting in an extreme amount of overtime researching what I believe to be the most beautiful and bizarre spots across the contiguous U.S.A. 

(Zoom in on map for details, and click on headline to link to the list of spots)

This map isn't perfect.  I may skip a couple spots, and add 50 more along the way.  You'll notice this map program shows I'll be traveling 22,279 miles in 1 day.  It's a detail I'm not concerned with editing or even worrying about the overall time schedule; this is an adventure and I'm going to make the best of it!  [pending my small budget]  ...I've literally invested my entire life savings into this project by buying/restoring the van, and saving some cash for fuel & food.  It's a good thing I love PB&J sandwiches.

I'm lucky to have a couple brands that are flowing me some gear for the trip, and they are the best.  Check the "WINGMEN" tab on the site here and consider buying their product for X-mas presents.