Trash City

One man's trash is another man's... home, art canvas, & dog park. 

While exploring the Bay Area I learned of this odd placed called the Albany Bulb.  Apparently during the industrial era of San Francisco it was a landfill of concrete chunks and construction refuse, that overtime grew into a peninsula stretching out to 60 acres.  Of course the city realized this was a bad idea, stopped using it as so, and nature began to run it's course and it flourished with plant life.  

I went out there a little timid, hearing it was full of homeless people who've inhabited it for the past decade, and a graffiti artist's haven.  It turns out everybody was evicted a couple months ago, so this was perfect timing to document the area before it's developed into a public park.  

Artists have created some brilliant sculptures out of rubbish. 

The bums may be gone, but I still made a friend. 

An a-maze-ing place. 

Street artists training zone before actually hitting the streets. 

Follow the yellow & blue chunk road... (look close for SF and the Golden Gate in the background)

Jerry's not dead. 

Of course there's a shoe-tree. 

Untitled, 2014. 

It's a little depressing here. 

Almost made it from Alcatraz. 

The Castle.

You can too polish a turd.