Hella Pedaling

I left my heart in San Francisco, sang Tony Bennett, and I'll probably say the same when I leave.  I love this place.  ...in good weather and when I have extra cash.  It's an extremely dense living situation with a fascinating cultural diversity, close to what you experience in New York, but with lots of hippies. 

Love Tour bus. 

Bad Boy bus.  (Vicious Vanagon would be a more appropriate title)

While in the city I linked up with a couple of my bicycle bros for a brutal ride through the Marin County hills. 

SF streets are more than bike friendly.

The steepest street in the city, Filbert st, with a 31.5% grade. 

I got the Hwy 101 patch while riding it from WA to SF in 2008.  (The next year we continued on to the MEX border.)

Obligatory Golden Gate pic. 

Climbing the Seven Sisters to visit Karl The Fog.  (Pierre never heard about Karl until now)

Checked out some bike babes ripping a cyclocross race. 

She may have lost some fingers a second later. 

Classic Corvair Convention. 

I would love to live here, if I could only afford it the rent.  If anybody knows of career opportunities, hit me up!