Hey Bay Bae

Hi, thanks for checking out my travels!  

I've been really enjoying making this project so far, and hope that you've been living vicariously through the stories too.  I want you to get more involved, like you're jumping in and riding shotgun.  If you know of any unique, beautiful, or bizarre locations across the US, send me an email to robbie@robbiesell.com, and I'll try to get that on my route!

Over the last few days I've been exploring around San Francisco, adventuring to some weird locations that many people will never see.  This time I decided since I'm in such a well visited area, that I would go to a few of those iconic spots you see on postcards and give you my point-of-view.   

The beautiful Bay Bridge and scenic city skyline, as seen from Treasure Island. 

Save water, the drought is serious!

The captain saved too much water and drank only booze, getting him into this predicament. 

The Rock- Alcatraz. 

The Old Berkeley Pier, fading away...

Tagging a super isolated place is ironic, nobody wants that turf anyways.

An old factory turned into a canvas.  There is some super cool street art here. 

This tree tunnel was amazing.  The other tourists were confused why I was standing 150' from my camera and tripod. 

If you're old enough, you remember the "Painted Ladies" from the Full House intro.  If you're younger, the Olsen twins were babies then, and Bob Sagat wasn't funny yet. 

Last week I rode up Filbert St (steepest in SF) on my bike, and this time I bombed it on my Gold Coast cruiser.  (Dropping in just for 25' was out-of-control fast)

Lombard St is the 2nd curviest street in the city, but has prettier flowers and is easier to find. 

The residents have to be butt-hurt, there are tourists here 24/7 always standing in the street, totally oblivious to traffic. 

No trip to SF is complete without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge.  Double points for at sunset. 

Super bonus if you go to the North side to view the city on the horizon.  Be careful of the huge cliff into the ocean though. 

Next I'm traveling even more north in California (it's a long state) to the town I was born in, Redding.  My father's family still lives there and I'm gunna git redneck, yep.