The Burger is All the Hype

A couple months ago I traveled to central California to go camping with some friends from Reno.  They picked Jalama Beach, a super secluded coastline about 30 miles away from anything, except cows.  

Jalama, USA. 

Jalama resident. 

I didn't know anything about the place, so google got me learned.  Through numerous web links I kept reading about this amazing Jalama burger.  You would assume since there was nothing within a half hour drive, any cooked food would be considered amazing.  I also read that it's extremely windy there, and the water is pretty sharky.  

Jalama Highway. 

Jalama hangout. 

We surfed, we hiked, we cooked over an open fire, we drank beers, and best of all we had a great time without any internet!

#CampVibes by Poler. 

The finger frolic. 

We ate the burger, and it was really awesome and backed up all the hype!

(Self portrait remote in hand, not sending texts) 

New Tinder pic. 

Self portrait.  Zuma Beach. 

Self portrait.  East Butterfly Beach.