Salvation Mountain Fashion Photoshoot

If you start a religious conversation with me I will attentively listen, though expect me to make some popcorn.

One weekend I took a couple of my model friends to a location near the Salton Sea for a little fashion photoshoot.  If you aren't familiar with the area, it's an ecological disaster that left a once flourishing tourist destination looking like an apocalyptic scene from Hollywood.

We stopped here for lunch on the way.  Zane Peck. 

Suspect doctor.  Thania Peck.  

I would have paid 10 bucks for a cold drink in that heat.  Yvette Tenney. 

Our destination was Slab City, a desolate desert area with a small community of squatters living in RVs and shanties.  Most are involved with turning it into an erie art installation.  

Definitely the most impressive piece there is Salvation Mountain.  Though the creator had passed away in February 2014, a caretaker ensures visitors are still given the full experience.  If you can look past the ongoing rapture messaging, it is an impressive and beautiful sculpture. 

Zane has made it to the peak of spiritual enlightenment.

Yvette, myself, & Thania.  (self portrait from remote timer) 

Thania Peck

Yvette Tenney.

Moving on down the hot and dusty road, you come to East Jesus.  It resembles a budget style Burning Man exhibit. 

Your tour guide.

Gabe L'heureux joined in on the fun.

Thania's boots were made for walking, not hanging around.


The sun set and the temps started to cool, but Yvette kept it hot. 

This area is a must-see.  When you visit please respect the locals, you don't want to mess around with them.