It's a Sign

Sometimes a great adventure is as close as your own backyard.  

Cody McElroy was having an art show opening in Los Angeles one evening, so my friend and I decided to go lend our support and drink his free beer.  We went early and checked out a couple iconic touristy spots, starting at the Griffith Observatory.  The view from there is amazing, well worth it.   

Normandie Ave is 22.5 miles long. 

Marcus has seen the view too many times already. 

I also went for a cruise on the famous Mulholland Drive and took an up-close self-portrait at the HOLLYWOOD sign, because why not. 

Self-portrait.  #RobbieSellfie ...get it??  (wink face) 

If I didn't see you at the art show, then check out Cody's work here: @dirtyneedleembroidery.

Marcus Samperio.