The Curse Of Bodie

In the Eastern foothills of the Sierras is a well preserved Ghost Town, likely the most authentic you'll ever find.  It may be since there is a legendary curse put on those who take anything from the area, so the threat will ensure the town remains in it's state of "arrested decay" for years to come, just like it was when the last resident abandoned their home.  It goes like this:

Bodie’s inhabitants were of hardy stock, fiercely possessive of what they had built in this barren desert, and it is said that the long-dead spirits want to ensure that what they left behind remains intact. According to legend, anyone who removes anything-large or small-from the town is cursed with a string of bad luck. Misfortune and tragedy are heaped upon the victim until the stolen item is returned. Some claim that the ghosts of Bodie patrol the crumbling ruins to guard against thieves.

Day 11, mile 690.  The new Yokohama tires really grip.  

In the winter there are few visitors.  I was the only person here besides a park ranger who was a mile away.

Murders, shootouts, barroom brawls, and stagecoach holdups were regular happenings in Bodie. 

When shooting this self-portrait, I felt like somebody was standing behind me in the staircase.  There wasn't anybody else within a mile though...

Your classic Wild Wild West films were based on the tales of the "Bad man from Bodie" character, the whiskey drinking gunslinging prostitute chasing miner type. 

The sinners repent at this Methodist church. 

The patina on this 1937 Chevy couple... it's a Rat Rodder's dream project. 

The ol' county recycling bin. 

They say $100,000,000 of gold came from here.

Putting up a good fight against gravity. 

When I was leaving this rad Synchro showed up.  The driver was a little pretentious and sarcastically said to me, "Nice Euro.".  Don't hate your brother, just because my heater works better and your toes are cold.  

Even though I have heavy-duty shocks and a lift on my van, the few miles of washboard and rocky dirt road to get out here are bumpy as heck.  But, could you imagine the harsh wagons the settlers rode in???

On the way to Lake Tahoe and Reno next.  These places are my old stomping grounds so I'm excited to pay a visit! 

-Robbie Sell