The Wild Wild West

150 years ago the first major silver discovery was in the mountains above Reno, at a boomtown named Virginia City.  It still has the look of then with wooden walkways and rustic buildings.  Also the city hires the majority of the town's store workers to dress in the same era as then, giving you a feeling of a time-warp.    

Replace the cars & pavement for horses & mud, and it's 1859.

They put on a show of gunslingers for the tourists here.  It was closed today. 

This guy wasn't an actor, but really a local miner who's claim isn't producing and resorting to panhandling.  I gave him some cash.

The famous Bucket Of Blood.  

I stopped at the Delta Saloon to check out the famous suicide table... 

Yes, my van is a house and I'm "sharin" it with friends who want to travel with me.  Food & drink available. 

I found some fellow van dwellers up the street.  Both these rigs were fully awesome.  

The other side of town. 

The cemetery gave me the creeps.  I was the only one there and felt like somebody was walking with me. 

Old firefighter's tombstone.  Of course it's wood. 

Budget burial right here. 

This grave's fence was amazing.  Even in the Wild Wild West they still had great technology. 

I would have painted that horse like a zebra and sent it to the zoo.  

Somebody's idea of a joke, or miner's street art.  

It was hard times in these hills...

It was hard times in these hills...

On the drive out I saw these wild horses.  It's kind of amazing if you've never seen them.  

I should have herded them up, and take them for a visit to the Mustang Ranch.  Just kidding, unless you don't know about that brothel a few miles away...  Jokes, I would never! 

Like my visit to Bodie, I really appreciate these historical locations being preserved for generations to come.  You can only envision that reality to a certain level from books and movies.  Get out there and experience this stuff, or just enjoy my photos and let me tell you all about it.  ;)

 Down the road is the biggest little city in the world...  Reno!