Into The Sierras

I was born and raised in California, yet still get shocked in how large and varied the landscapes are within the state boundaries.  I just left the beautiful San Diego coastline, went through the Mojave desert, and am now going into the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I'm going fairly slow, not just because my van is 110 hp and 5000 lbs, but because I'm stopping at nearly every photo opportunity.  One day of normal driving will take me about a week at this pace.  It's all good, I'm in no rush and want to make sure I get you the best photos possible.  

This tour is fueled by sandwiches.  I have at least 2 of these a day.  

The Church of Awesome Architecture.  

All storm prepped for the winter.

Better than cruising down a sidewalk. 

Better than anything.  I love walking through a shallow fresh snow. 

It was great seeing those wind turbines along the horizon, but the pines and firs are a sight for sore eyes...

Oops.  Not sure what happened, but was probably looking at @RobbieSell on Instagram.  

When you don't have the creative juices flowing, just go with the most apt title.  

Fine art, that will be 5 star hotel decor.  This print will be For $ale in the near future. 

Mono Lake is a bizarre natural feature.  Well not really, LA caused it.  

The tufa towers are amazing.  This is only 5 miles off Hwy 395.  

I could probably make a decent coffee table book just on my tour across this state, but I'm excited to see the variances across our great nation.

Next stop, the ghost town of Bodie...  

-Robbie Sell