Bon Voyage

The ship has set sail!

I went to my storage unit in Encinitas (San Diego) and got the few items I guessed that I need for a full cross country road trip.  I'm bringing a few changes of clothes from Ambig, a Coal hat for each day of the week, a skateboard from Active, a cruiser from Gold Coast, a few camping cooking supplies from Stanley, some Stance socks, a cool pair of boots from DVS, my beater bike, a sleeping bag, and just picked up a couple sunglasses from Arnette.  

My best impression of Foster Huntington's "Home Is Where You Park It" book cover.  Of course I had to pay tribute to the king of #VanLife. 

The Mormon church near San Diego has some crazy impressive design.  It's like Disneyland almost, but real. 

This library at SDSU in one of the coolest buildings I've ever seen.  I admit, I'm a total addict of awesome architecture, and I don't want treatment. 

I'm super stoked to partner with Arnette eyewear for the tour.  Their "Create Your Vision" campaign lines up with my project perfectly, and the shades are great. 

On day 2 I had an emergency stop in Los Angeles.  My CV joints were knocking so loud I was scared they were going to explode any mile, so I decided to get them rebuilt before I was stranded in the middle of nowhere.  It had to be done, but my wallet is bummed.  

I hopped on Hwy 395 heading North to Lake Tahoe for those amazing California scenic opportunities.  

Just playing Moon Rover on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

This market is a desert dweller's dream!

Here's my kitchen when making coffee in the morning.  (super staged for the picture)  I got the Japanese Hario grinder, kettle, and V60 pour-over.  I'm loving Black Velvet Guatemala coffee too. 

Self-portrait.  I shoot these with a remote to the camera on tripod.  #RobbieSellfie, of course. 

Trespassing in Tehachapi. 

Those majestic Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Besides using 50% of my overall budget on new fuel injectors, a fridge repair, cv joint rebuilds, transmission and motor service, the trip is off to a good start.  Now if I'm repair free for the entire 22,000 miles, I will have just enough cash for gas and enough cans of soup to keep me going all the way around our great nation.


*Sorry for the delay on the post, I'm learning the best routine for getting the stories published while on the road.  I'll be more consistent, just working out the kinks. 

- Robbie Sell