Laggin Wagon

The classic, "The last 10% takes 90% of the time.", is a perfect saying for this project.

Living VANcariously is supposed be a tour across the nation in a van, traveling to all the beautiful vistas and bizarre spots that I can find.  Well, right now I still don't have that van and am driving a wagon.  I just couldn't wait any longer to get this website launched and to start sharing the travels I've already got going on!

I decided to lightly start the tour by traveling from my storage unit in southern California to the Bay Area to visit some friends & family.  

Thinking of paradise is the HELL-A traffic. 

I stopped off in a little town where an artist built a series of sculptures in the 50's, and took some self-portraits.

Saved this women from a kidnapping attempt. 

Made friends with some of the locals. 

Mah bae.  Her friend was jealous. 

This bus stop had the most impressive design I've ever seen.

The skaters used the base as a pole-jam. 

The wooden Ventura Pier is a weathered classic. 

Splinter City. 

After being in the wagon for 6 hours I needed to stretch my legs again.  I stopped at a lake near Santa Barbara, and due to the intense drought a massive slab of concrete is now exposed.  

At normal water levels, this is 15' below the surface. 

I have no idea what this structure was for, except abstract photography opportunities. 

Back on the road I knew of an amazing motel that was close by, with 30 or so of the coolest individually decorated rooms- The Madonna Inn. 

The facade is a good indicator of the overall details to the place. 

The dining room. 

Google the place to see what all the crazy rooms look like. 

With only a few hours of sunlight left, I headed north to Big Sur. 


GPRO stock is at 67.20.  Buy Buy Buy! 

GPRO stock is at 67.20.  Buy Buy Buy! 

The sea lions have some heavy turf wars going on. 

Having a whale of good time on this stretch. 

McWay Falls is ~80'. 

That classic Big Sur bridge at Bixby Canyon.  

The Bay Area is next...